Richmond Police Calls: 10/27 – 11/2

There were two more hit and runs this week. Both listed as “priority”, whatever that means. I have plenty of questions for Portland Police about what these categories mean specifically, the difference between a priority and a regular call, and how to track crimes on a weekly basis. It seems like most vehicle accidents are hit and runs… probably because drivers know they’ll probably never be caught.

I emailed the PPB media rep about getting a description on the vehicle / driver for the hit and runs from last week, but he didn’t respond. Looks like I’ll have to enlist help from the neighborhood groups. Basic information on all the nonsense that goes down every day in our neighborhoods is not too much too ask. We’ll keep you posted…

Priority theft: 3500 block of Hawthorne, 10/28 @ noon

Theft, subject in custody: 2400 block of Hawthorne, 10/27 @ 2 pm


Priority hit & run: 28th & SE Harrison 10/27 @ 5:48 pm

Injury accident: 49th & Division – 11/2 @ 10:16 pm (2 calls)

DUI: 4600 block of Hawthorne 11/2 @ 6:16 pm

Non-injury accident: 1400 block of Cesar Chavez, 11/2 @ 12:09 pm; 50th & Harrison – 11/1 @ 5:37 pm

Multiple incidents:

28th & Division: 2 area check, 10/27 @ 8:40 pm; 10/29 @ 8:09 pm

28th & Powell: 2 priority assaults, 11/1 @ 6:47 pm & 8:47 pm

Cesar Chavez & SE Powell: hazardous conditions, 10/29 @ 10:28 am; traffic stop, 10/29 @ 3:47 pm

3900 block of Powell: priority theft 10/28 @ 1:07 pm; priority hit and run 10/29 @ 3:37 pm

3900 block of Hawthorne: priority theft 10/29 @ 10:06 pm; theft, subject in custody 11/1 @ 10:03 pm



Black Water is a vegetarian metal bar with plans to brew its own beer. I guess that could happen other places, but it perfectly suited for this town. Tonight has cover-band costumes with: Last Rockers [as vice squad], Dripping Jaws [as la’s x] 835 NE Broadway * 8 pm * $3


Builders and the Butchers are playing Bunk Bar tonight in celebration of ten years since its founding. Opening is Hillstomp, an awesome roots / blues band that usually plays bigger rooms. 1028 SE Water Ave. * 9 pm * $13

Built without city approval 25 years ago, Burnside Skatepark is one of Portland’s best example of DIY community and ingenuity. As part of the quarter century celebration, the skatepark’s board of directors wants to raise $40,000 on gofundme for “new additions, lights installed, a new door way, and paint for art and surface care.” Nearly $32,000 as been raised as of this posting, and their deadline was Oct. 1st.

Beginning at noon, 10 bands are scheduled to play. Donations are accepted, but it’s free to skate. The skatepark is under the eastside of the Burnside bridge, so it is protected from the rain— helpful for the bands as well as the skaters.

Richmond Police Calls: 10/19 – 10/26

Screenshot 2015-10-29 at 1.31.05 PM

Another priority hit and run… Portland Police haven’t release anything about the incident. And as most of us know, that was the same intersection where the cyclist lost his leg this summer. It seems like every week there’s another injury accident on Powell. There was an increase in traffic stops over the past few months, but that has seems to have dropped off. I just emailed PPB PIO Pete Simpson if he had a description of the vehicle; I’ll update the post when / if he responds.

Priority hit and run: 26th & SE Powell – 10/26 @ 9:46 pm (2 calls)

Theft, suspect in custody: 24th & Powell – 10/23 @ 11:06 am

Injury accident: 33rd & SE Hawthorne – 10/23 @ 4:26 pm

Non-injury accidents: 44th & Hawthorne; 37th & Powell; Cesar Chavez & Harrison

DUI: 40th & Powell

Multiple incidents:

31st & Powell: welfare check, missing persons

37th & SE Hawthorne: 5 community policing incidents and 1 non-injury accident

49th & Caruthers : 2 welfare checks

For more information on these incidents visit or contact Portland Police Bureau.



Superhumanoids (sleepily epic dream pop, according to Pitchfork lol) w/ Rush Midnight, DJ Michel St Michel at Holocene. 1001 SE Morrison * 7 pm * $10 adv, $12 door

Bluegrass with Abalone Grey (Santa Cruz, Cali.) is at Eastburn. 1800 E. Burnside * 8 pm * free

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 3.32.57 PM


Before the Hawthorne Hostel Bike-in Movie, an International Day of Peace ride will gather at 4 pm at the NW Hostel, and leave at 5 pm. ¨Festivities start at 6 pm at the Hawthorne Hostel, with refreshments, a taco bar, and music, followed by the Bike-In Movie.¨ The featured film will be ¨A Survey of Open Space¨, a film about two city dwellers who embark upon a 4,000 mile journey to find the last wild spaces in America. 3130 SE Hawthorne * free

Dancing with: ¨Get Yours…on the dance floor.¨ The Liquor Store, 3341 SE Belmont * 9 pm * free



Shows at The ‘Vern are always fun… Pookie and the Poodlez (Oakland, Cali.), Therapists, Warpfire. 2622 SE Belmont * 6 pm * $3

Fuzzy Dice is nice… w/ Terminal Fuzz, Bitch Face. Twilight Cafe and Bar, 1420 SE Powell * 9 pm * $5 

SATURDAYScreenshot 2015-09-10 at 5.30.51 PM 

The new Orange Line is finally open! The Tilikum Crossing (better add Bridge of the People in italics or they’ll take you down like Lane Jensen) is open for walking and biking. All rides on TriMet buses, MAX trains, Portland Streetcar and the Portland Aerial Tram are free all day long too. There’s also a community-wide scavenger hunt to celebrate the event.

The 20th annual Belmont Street Fair is today! From 11 am to 7 pm you can party in the street between 33rd and 39th. There will be a free trolley running from SE 20th Avenue through SE 48th. “The event features live music, beer gardens, over 200 vendors with great food and shopping, an Artist Alley on 34th and kids area with bounce house. The intersection of 34th and Belmont transforms in to our very own grassy ‘Central Park’ courtesy of the Sunnyside Neighborhood.”

I love the Firkin Tavern. The music’s-gotta-be-done-by-10-pm thing makes it hard on live music though. Enjoy the last of your summer with a show (and delicious cold beverage recipe in the video). The Cool Whips. w/ Goats, Beach Master. 1937 SE 11th * 7 pm * free