The Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) wants more volunteers participating in graffiti removal and prevention. To get neighbors involved, they are offering $7,400 in grant money. The application deadline is February 24, so if you want it you better get busy.

From the City’s page on the opportunity:

The goal of the program is to support community-driven improvement projects and community building opportunities with an emphasis on graffiti prevention, graffiti abatement and/or addressing locations chronically tagged with graffiti. Many projects may focus on community murals (development, implementation, repair), but the funds are also intended to be available for a broader range of improvement projects that prevent or abate graffiti and support ONI’s goals.”

I don’t know how open they are to granting individuals, but it seems like a good chance for a variety of neighborhood improvement projects. I have a couple of ideas myself…

A mural painted with help from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.