Fremont Fest 2017!


Are you here for Fremont Fest photos? If so, welcome!

I enlisted my friend Erik Hadland to gather media at the Lents Founders Fair Sunday, and since he was going to Fremont Fest anyway, he took a bunch of amazing photos and video.

Let me tell you a little bit about Village Portland:

People care a lot about their neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. Everybody has a smartphone in their pocket. The internet is available to reach to the entire world for free with just a few clicks. Small businesses really want to reach their neighbors and support local news and information.

The intersection of all these ideas is Village Portland.

Enjoy the photos and video (Fremontaineers? Fremonters? Freemontairians?) and take a look at at some of the stories we’re telling in East Portland, specifically in Montavilla. Village Portland Lents is newer, but definitely an exciting part of the plan.

That farmers market, that street fair… the new apartment building, new cafe, that bar with a rockin’ band… they may not appeal to the whole city, but it matters to your neighborhood. We’re working on telling these stories, and am looking forward to expanding into new neighborhoods.

Thanks and respect to all the neighborinos who made Fremont Fest happen! It definitely takes a village…

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