tell your story

Village Portland is a website focused on civic action and neighborhood news.

I’m seeking folks who are bettering their community through civic actions, and writers and filmmakers wanting to tell these kind of stories. Are you working on a issue you think needs more attention? We will help you tell your story. It’s your village and we want to hear your voice!

Contact publisher:

7 thoughts on “tell your story

  1. silentashes says:

    @Andrew: Strongly suggest you modify the email address to instead read:

    ” andrewtaylorwilkins [a) g mail dot com
    (no spaces)”

    … for anti-spam purposes.

  2. silentashes says:

    P.S. Would you be willing to add an ‘Archives’ link? I don’t see one anywhere on the site (except when I goto a ‘404 not found’ page — then it shows up).

    1. There’s a search function, and you can scroll back through all the posts… Are you looking for a list of article titles?

      I’m just curious what you think the benefit of have an archives link would be. (This site is a work in process and all input is treasured!)

      1. Thanks!! I think, for me, having a sort of overview of what’s been written can be really nice — esp. for someone new to the site (and/or to your writings).
        …. For me, I think, it helps orient me to — OK, this is what this person is about, here’s all the myriad topics / perspectives they’ve written on…
        AND, perhaps more importantly: If I’m looking for some fun/interesting content — not any specific topic — then having a summarized list of everything can give me… “Ooh, that looks like an interest post/topic! I’m really keen to read what they have to say! [click]”
        Er, does that make any sense whatsoever?

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