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Create media with us

Would you like to contribute to Village Portland?

Are you a writer, photographer, cartoonist, interviewer… or some kind of other story teller / media creator? Do you like our spirit & style, and would like to work with us to bring a Village to your community?

If either apply, we’d love to talk with you and see about working together.

Everyone has a story, and though social media is available to everyone now, some folks need a little help polishing their work, and others want to be a part of a collective that gets their work out to more people. Some folks are brand new to media and journalism— that’s cool as well, we’re willing to help. Some folks just want to help out their community… reporting is a great way to do that. There are so many stories that fly under the citywide media radar (often because they aren’t big or dramatic enough) that deserve to be told.

I’m at: if you have questions or want to get started.