The State of Oregon’s 2012 Legislative Session begins Wednesday, February 1st, and Occupy Portland is offering rides to Salem for a rally (FB event) to mark the occasion and push for a legislative agenda the benefits the 99%. The press release says they are protesting the State’s attempt to cut $3.8 billion dollars from the budget. From the release:

“The coalition of occupation movements will work together to expose corporate influence, protest the austerity budget and advocate for initiatives favorable to the 99% of Oregonians. Individuals and affinity groups are encouraged to engage in peaceful creative projects to advance the goals of the Occupy movement.”

Busses will leave at 9 am from Occupy Portland’s new-ish office in Southeast. The rally begins at 10 am at the capital building. They’ll also be a Occupy Oregon General Assembly to coordinate a state-wide agenda. Email for more information or to reserve a seat on the bus.

Occupy Portland, 1131 Southeast Oak * meet – 8 am, leave – 9 am, Salem rally – 10 am