This is the most important weekend of your life— simply because it’s the only one you have.


I haven’t really kept up with Big Head Todd and the Monsters, but once upon a time they were one of my favorite bands. Good to see they’re still rockin’ it, and playing one of the bigger rooms in town. Crystal Ballroom, 1332 West Burnside * 9 PM * $25 in advanced, $27 day of show

I’m a big fan of Eastburn— skee ball, fire tables, swings, $2 microbrew Tuesdays— and I’ve heard good things about Left Coast Country, playing there tonight. Sometimes you need some straight-shooting traditional bluegrass in your life. Eastburn, 1800 East Burnside * 9 PM * free


They’re keeping the actual location of the contest under wraps at this point, but the Chariot Wars contest is this weekend. It’s just one event of Zoobomb’s Mini Bike Winter— and from what I’ve heard the most awesome. The trick is to pull your competitors off their bikes, and for some reason beating them seems to go along with it. It’s always a rowdy good time with the Zoobombers. Follow the link above for a full schedule.