I ran across this last night on Portland Indymedia: it’s a zine responding to two journalists recent criticism of black bloc tactics. From a release about God Only Knows What Devils We Are (.pdf version): “we sought out our comrades from the heart of the black bloc and asked them to tell their side of the story: where they come from, why they participate, how they see the world”. The journalists were responding to Dear Occupiers a pamphlet that “endorsed a diversity of tactics” including black bloc (background here) and property destruction:

“All the pretty commodities in the window, usually the breadth of an entire social class away from me, are now a mere hammer’s distance from my proletarian hands. I can move through these spaces in which I am not authorized to be, transforming them. I can dance with mannequins or use them to smash out the windows of a storefront. I can trade the insanity of everyday misery for a collective madness that devastates the avenues of wealth.”

It’s clear  the author believes the current political system has failed him and society… I’m not sure how a few (or many) broken windows and burned buildings is going to make things better, but as we see street battles in Greece and speculate how the Occupy movement will evolve— it’s important to hear the philosophy behind the destruction and the masks.