For the week ending June 24, there was one burglary at the Triple Nickle on 6/20, eight thefts, five property crimes, and ten traffic incidents. Five were hit and runs, one was parking problem, one  was an accident (non injury), and one was a DUI.

The multiple incidents for this week: Division and 33rd two thefts on 6/19; Madison and 39th – theft on 6/19 and a traffic incident at 6/22; Yamhill and 24th – theft on 6/20 and an assault on 6/22; Division and 36th – assault on 6/20 and a traffic incident on 6/23; Lincoln and 34th – two thefts on 6/22.

I just started tracking the crime in Sunnyside, and even over three weeks patterns are emerging. There seems to be quite a few thefts, four to six a week. What  is striking is the number of hit and runs. 

 In the tight blocks of Sunnyside getting hit on a bike or as a pedestrian is a scary prospect. There are no ambulance at any of those incidents, but either way that seems like a lot of unwanted contact. 

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