This is far from a comprehensive SE events listing, but here are a few places within reach that might have something interesting enough to get you off the couch this winter weekend.


Joey Beats Brady (acoustic), Laryssa Birdseye (acoustic), Amenta Abioto (multi-track percussion) * Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont * $5 * 8 pm

Part of the tv show Drunk History, comedian Kyle Kinane is at Helium, Thurs – Sat. The first joke in the video earned a lol. Not just an Internet lol, but an IRL one too. Boo! Helium Comedy Club, 1510 SE 9th * 5 shows * $15

DJ Beyondadoubt (soul and R&B) * Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St. * $3

High Beamz (jam) and Big E (Americana) * Goodfoot, 2845 SE Stark * 9 pm * $7  

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Adam WarRock (digi hip hop), Schaffer the Darklord (nerd hop), Tribe One, Kid Apocalypse, DJ Switch * Analog, 720 SE Hawthorne * 8 pm * $10 

Chris Carpenter (acoustic band), Cosmic Rose (acoustic band), Sol Nectar (acoustic band), * Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont * 9 pm * $3


J Burns, The Feel Good, Gutter Mob Family, Kid Conscious, Rey Totem * Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont * 9 pm * ??

Heddie Leonne (Seattle DJ) * Crush, 1400 SE Stark * $5

There’s always dancing on the weekends at Crush and Holocene! Get rowdy, stay safe friends.