Seen near the intersection of SE 26th and Morrison.

There is something so primal about posting homemade signs to communicate with your neighbors.

Every time I see these, I always wonder if the kitty made it home, if the garage sale was a success, or— in this case— the owner of the keys were found.

There’s not much interest in small tragedies like this for the entire city, but that makes them no less important. At its root, this site is an experiment in small-scale reporting and coverage.

So while I’m cruising the streets of Portlandia, I’m going to take photos of these flyers and share them here. This flyer was seen  at the intersection of SE 26th and Morrison, by Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery.

I definitely want Village Portland to be a collaborative effort, so if you want to share a flyer you’ve seen, send it here:

I know the OP’s aim was just to be helpful, but I’m still amazed at the design. Beautiful.