It’s the last weekend of shows for The Blue Monk, the decade-old venue on SE Belmont. There last show is Tuesday, with Pagan Jug Band.

Tonight, hiphop with: Skrilla, King Rawlie, Lucky B, Uneek Int., and Rey Totem. 3341 SE Belmont * $8 * 9 pm 

I don’t have any idea how to categorize it, but you can hear Shlohmo in the video below. Can we dismiss the gatekeepers and wannabe taste makers of music journalism yet? Branx, 320 SE 2nd * 9 pm * $15


Birthday Party for Drae Slapz of LunchTime Legends w/ The Resistance, BigMo, Mic Capes, Rasheed Jamal, and Glen Waco The Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont * $10 * 9 pm 

In another example of the rapid displacement happening in SE Portland, Duff’s Garage is moving from their location on SE 7th to a new on near 82nd and Russell. The last show: Robbie Law’s Blues Party featuring Duffy Bishop, Chris Carlson, and A.C. Porter. 635 SE 7th * 9 pm * ??

Norm McDonald is in Portland this weekend at Helium Comedy Club. 1510 SE 9th * 7:30 pm, 10 pm, Sat: 7:30, 10 * $30
There’s western swing with the Sagebrush Sisters at The Press Club. 2621 SE Clinton * 8 pm – 10 pm * ??