Contact TriMet:

Based on this Reddit thread, I decided to email TriMet about the reasoning behind the new “leaner” benches:

Good morning,

My name is Andrew Wilkins, I’m an occasional TriMet user and independent reporter here in town.

I have a question about the motivation behind the new “leaner” benches going in at many bus stops around town. TriMet spokesperson Roberta Altstadt told the Oregonian that they were installed because many of the old benches were in violation of ADA regulations. Which ADA regulation was being violated, and how many bus stops were actually in violation of the regulation? I’d also like to know how many of the leaners were installed and where the old benches are now.

I appreciate the agency’s commitment to rider concerns. Social media posts indicate there are many riders besides me unhappy with the new benches. I’d prefer to have my response by email.

Thank you, Andrew Wilkins