6:14 - traffic Inner SE

It’s hard to get a broad sense what’s happening with city traffic. After a wreck, vehicles are towed off, pieces of plastic and glass are picked up, and people go about their business. Many law enforcement agencies won’t even call them “accidents” anymore, because wrecks are usually caused by driver error.

Most of the calls listed on the map are hit-and-run and non-injury wrecks, but I thought it was important to note the injury wreck calls for the month. There was no way to know if pedestrians or cyclists were involved in these wrecks. This police call data raises a lot of questions, but it’s another good reminder to slow down and drive defensively.

The time, date, and exact location of each wreck is listed after the jump.

SE 7th and Hawthorne: 6/2 @ 5:16 pm

2000 Block of SE Division: 6/4 @ 12:50 pm

SE 29th and Powell: 6/4 @ 12:50 pm

SE 11th and Morrison: 6/4 @ 2:55 pm

SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Powell: 6/7 @ 8:45 am

SE 54th and Powell: 6/8 @ 1:23 am

I-5 to eastbound I-84 exit: 6/8 @ 2:02 pm

SE 8th and Stark: 6/8 @ 6:04:07 pm

SE 7th and Stark: 6/10 @ 6:37:20 pm

SE 11th and Hawthorne: 6/12 @ 11:22 pm

SE Cesar Chaves Blvd. and Harrison: 6/16 @ 5:36 pm & 5:36 pm

SE 50th and Division: 6/19 @ 9:53 pm

SE 12th north of Stark: 6/23 @ 3:23 pm

SE 7th and Taylor: 6/26 @ 4:11:02 pm

SE 12th and Ash: 6/26 @ 4:19:19 pm

SE Powell and Milwaukie: 6/26 @ 9:41 pm