2014 Portland Adult Soap Box Car Derby


I’ve been to three runnings of Adult Soap Box Car Derby, and it is easily my favorite Portland annual event. I appreciate all the racers, volunteers, and kind attendees for making this such an awesome event— and those who took the time to talk with us.

I also have to give props Portland Community Media for the use of the camera, and to my friend Sandy V. for stepping up to help document the event. We had a great time making this film— and I feel like we captured some of the wackiness and community spirit that makes the derby what it is.

I apologize for the shaky camera and blurry shots… I’m new to that camera. See it as an artistic flourish to represent the buzzy good times that went down (peacefully) under the high pines of Mt. Tabor. Despite it all, I hope through the film you enjoy meeting a few of the fun, creative, hilarious people that make the derby happen.

2 thoughts on “2014 Portland Adult Soap Box Car Derby

  1. Kevin Robinson says:

    Great video, thanks for doing this for our derby. if you get any strange rashes popping up in the next couple days it could be from the red light racers or that hill infested with poison oak you walked down to check out that wreck, regardless thanks. looks great.
    -Director 2014 PDX adult soap box derby

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