Hope you enjoyed your celebrations of the national legalization of same-sex marriage, legalized recreational cannabis in Oregon, and the planetary alignment. If you celebrated them all concurrently, and found a way to mix in a recognition of July 4th, even better.

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I must say I’m most excited by the Waterfront Blues Festival. I’ll be on the river Friday, but New Orleans’ Galactic with Macy Gray is always funky and fun. If the video from earlier this year holds true, the band has three sister singers up front.

Maybe not this evening, but I’m looking forward to playing some cornhole at Landmark Saloon one of these warm summer evenings. Friday, there will be country music from Gary Bennett and The Coattail Riders4847 SE Division * 9 pm * free


I think I’m going to avoid the waterfront for the busy days, but the Oaks Park July 4th event looks cool and very American-y. 7805 SE Oaks Park Way * noon – midnight, fireworks at dusk * $5 gate fee, rides aren’t included

A unsolicited word of advice: nobody wants to see your fireworks photos / video. Unless they’re taken from a drone.

Sunday, go see Buddy Guy at the blues festival (8:10 pm – 9:15 pm). This song was my unofficial summer theme song a few years back…