Black Water is a vegetarian metal bar with plans to brew its own beer. I guess that could happen other places, but it perfectly suited for this town. Tonight has cover-band costumes with: Last Rockers [as vice squad], Dripping Jaws [as la’s x] 835 NE Broadway * 8 pm * $3


Builders and the Butchers are playing Bunk Bar tonight in celebration of ten years since its founding. Opening is Hillstomp, an awesome roots / blues band that usually plays bigger rooms. 1028 SE Water Ave. * 9 pm * $13

Built without city approval 25 years ago, Burnside Skatepark is one of Portland’s best example of DIY community and ingenuity. As part of the quarter century celebration, the skatepark’s board of directors wants to raise $40,000 on gofundme for “new additions, lights installed, a new door way, and paint for art and surface care.” Nearly $32,000 as been raised as of this posting, and their deadline was Oct. 1st.

Beginning at noon, 10 bands are scheduled to play. Donations are accepted, but it’s free to skate. The skatepark is under the eastside of the Burnside bridge, so it is protected from the rain— helpful for the bands as well as the skaters.