There’s that wonderful moment where you learn to trust a venue’s booker. A small venue like Jade Lounge doesn’t get enough attention, but it’s been a solid place to see small shows for years. “Beware of the Crows“… how could you not want to listen? The Goatee Brothers (tag themselves as freak folk / alt country) sound like a good time. (The Goatee Brothers were linked on the show’s entry, so maybe it’s from another project? The lack of basic promo acumen in this era of easy-to-use interfaces like Soundcloud and Bandcamp perplexes me. /rant) Landon Jenkinson, Lauren Kershner, Gareth Harman 2342 SE Ankeny St. * 8 – 10:30 pm * free

Doug Fir’s hosting Passport Approved, with Death by Chocolate (Switzerland), Evol Walks (Australia), Sean Kelly. It’s a $1 show, so knowing Doug Fir it’ll probably sell out.


Goodness from Beachmaster & Citizen Patrol. Please follow this link for an important message from (our) Citizen Patrol. The Lovecraft, 821 SE Grand * 8 pm – 9 pm * ?? 

Rock n roll with Patrimony, Don Quixote, Boat Race Weekend at Firkin Tavern. 1937 SE 11th * 7 – 10 pm * free 


Sunday is for the Timbers. I know you really don’t follow sports… but the lads are on a roll. They made the playoffs and have to win against the Vancouver Whitecaps to advance. MLS does a two-game aggregate for their playoffs, but since the Cascadian rivals tied 0-0 last Sunday, it’s a winner-takes-all scenario.  Here’s the scouting report for Sunday’s game.