Well, I’m new around here. It’s been a lot of fun exploring a new neighborhood, and somewhat coincidentially, my move has paralleled new developments with this site. It’s also wonderful that so much movement is happening with the blossoming of spring in the Northwest.

Instead of reviewing just the awesome bars and clubs and theaters of inner Southeast, from now on I’ll be expanding my horizons to include whatever happens out this way. Hopefully, I can pass the torch to someone closer in and give Montavilla the focus it deserves, but we shall see. IMG_1253

Happy First Friday! I’m sure there’s plenty of goodness happening all over town, but I’m entirely focused on this art show at Milepost 5. It goes from 6 pm to 10 pm, out here at 850 NE 81st.

There are art openings in three of MP5 galleries, and in the lofts there will also be a “live, multi­sensory performing art experience” from a Portland-based deaf musician.

Lindsey Dole & Nik O’Hara are in the Denizen Gallery with Out of Hand: “From hieroglyphics to emoticons, symbolism has been the voice that is understood through every age and language. We aim at getting to the root of a thought or an idea by illustrating it in the simplest of forms.”

Mutant Forest is in Gallery 5 with Body Language, a interactive audio visual installation.

Ari Frietag is in the Lofts Gallery with Nebule: “After intuitively creating abstract compositions in ink, I [Frietag] searched them for looming clouds, brackish water, mossy forest floors, bone fragments, sun-bleached seaweed. I brought these organic forms and landscapes to the fore by carving tiny portholes around them or outlining their hazy shapes, to create something both alluring and vaguely threatening.”

Myles de Bastion uses sound, lights, and vibration to make music accessible with senses beyond just hearing. Follow the link to learn more about him, or watch the video below.

It should be a great party! Enjoy!


I don’t know much about the arts and music scene in east Portland, but I do know Duff’s Garage has good taste with its bookings. Also, Duff’s celebrated 14 years of being open on April 1st!

Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys play the late show, and the Dallharts start the night at 8 pm.