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Three injury accidents were reported this week and also three DUIs.

Another thing that was concerning: my 9-1-1 call wasn’t listed on the map. It wasn’t a huge incident, but there was a motorcycle rider speeding up and down 82nd. After the second time, it seemed like it was worth a call. It wasn’t on the map. I wonder what else we’re missing…

Priority assault: 82nd & Halsey, 6/2 @ 10:39 pm; 80th & Taylor, 5/31 @ 7:43 pm; Burnside near 82nd,  6/3 @ 8:24 pm; 93rd near Stark, 5/31 @ 5:48 pm (1 more in multiple incidents)

Priority theft: 82nd near Yamhill, 31 May 2016 @ 3:55:40 pm

Quality of Life:

Priority threat with weapon: 78th near Glisan; 5/31 @ 8:46 am

There was also a robbery with a weapon at SE Main & 100th 6/3 @ 7:45 pm.

Suspicious subject, vehicle, or circumstance: I-84 & 76th; 70th near Glisan ; 83rd near Glisan; 85th near Glisan (2); 78th near Ash; 76th near Stark ; 82nd near Market; 87th near Mill (1 more in multiple incidents)

Suspicious (person) with weapon: 88th near Glisan

Unwanted person: 82nd near Halsey; 83rd near Hassalo; 83rd near Pacific; 79th & Stark; 92nd & Stark; 93rd near Pine (2)

Vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution or gambling: 81st near Halsey; 79th near Halsey ; 80th & Ash

Priority threat: I-84th near 90th


Warrant: 79th near Davis

Animal problem: 78th near Stark; I-205 near Main

Missing person: 78th & Salmon

Proactive policing: 

Follow up: Clackamas near 66th

Traffic stop: I-84 near 92nd; 82nd near Multmonah; 82nd & Oregon; near Montavilla Park; 92nd & Glisan; 85th & Burnside; 81st & Pine; 93rd & Stark; 82nd & Washington; 82nd & Alder; 82nd & Yamhill; 92nd & Hawthorne (24 more in multiple incidents)

Deliver message: 90th near Hassalo

Person contact (86): 82nd near Hassalo

Assist citizen or agency 85th & Pacific; 86th & Stark ; 86th & Washington (2 more in multiple incidents)

Checks: 74th near Glisan; 79th & Glisan; 91st & Washington; 78th & Burnside; 82nd & Washington; 8-th & Salmon; 92nd & Division (6 more in multiple incidents)

Cmmunity policing: Berrydale Park


DUI: I-84 near 66th; I-205 near I-84; 82nd near Madison

injury accident: 74th & Glisan (2 more in multiple incidents)

non-injury accident: I-84 & Halsey ; 69th near Glisan; I-84 north of Burnside; 94th near Stark ; 82nd near Stephens; 85th near Division; 88th near Division

unknown injury: Stark near I-205; I-205 near Alder (2 more in multiple incidents)

Multiple incidents:

Multnomah University: 2 welfare check

82nd & Glisan: 4 traffic stop

I-205 & Glisan: traffic stop; unknown / non-injury accident (one incident)

82nd & Burnside: 2 traffic stop; 2 injury accident calls (one incident)

82nd & Stark: 5 traffic stop

82nd & Taylor: 2 traffic stop; SSVoC

I-205 & Market: traffic stop; hazardous condition

82nd near Harrison: 2 traffic stop

82nd & Divison: 3 traffic stop; flagdown; priority assault; welfare check

84th & Division: 2 traffic stop

92nd & Division: undescribed incident; traffic stop; citizen or agency assist

I-205 & Division: 3 welfare checks;  traffic stop; citizen or agency assist