There were at least three shootings in the Montavilla area last weekend: one between the passengers of two cars near 105th & NE Glisan Saturday (6/25) morning that ended in a single car crash; a second near 80th and Glisan early Saturday morning (about 2 am); and a third near Chinese Village (83rd & Washington) early Sunday morning at about 12:30 am.

The shootings Saturday morning led to a fiery car crash that was covered by the Oregonian, but the other two incidents I learned about by neighbors dutifully reporting on Facebook groups. I assume they also called 9-1-1. Neighbors were justifiably frightened, and said police were dispatched to both incidents.

An arrest was made in the shooting near 105th & Glisan Saturday morning, but I haven’t heard any more details about the other two shootings.

As part of a neighborhood news website I’m developing, I’ve been looking into how the City shares crime information in neighborhoods. So far have found to be the only official way— but this only tracks 9-1-1 calls. And as you can see from the map below, none of two shootings in Montavilla were listed on the map, neither was the third incident further east on Glisan.

Does anybody know why these incidents weren’t listed? I can’t say I’ve had a lot of success reaching out to Portland Police in my past requests for information, and before I reached out to them I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this happen before and gotten a satisfactory answer.

Citywide media will jump in to report big incidents (like a shooting / fiery car crash), but the daily crime incidents are harder to follow. Thanks for reading, I’m open to better ways to report crime information and would love your feedback.

Here are the 9-1-1 calls reported for last week:



Screenshot 2016-06-29 at 1.30.39 PM.png

Screenshot 2016-06-29 at 1.31.46 PM

priority assault – 82nd & Broadway, 6/20 @ 1:52 pm; Washington near I-205, 6/21 @ 3:02 pm

Quality of life

suspicious subject, vehicle or circumstance – 80th south of Holliday; 82nd near Pacific; 86th & Taylor

vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling: 90th near Flanders

unwanted person: 93rd near Oak ; 82nd & Stark; PCC Campus; 92nd near Division


missing – person lost, found, runner: Halsey near 81st

undescribed incident: 82nd & Division


accident – injury: 2 in multiple incidents

accident – hit and run – priority: Stark near I-205

non-injury accident: 82nd & Glisan

Proactive policing

welfare check – cold: I-84 & Halsey; 82nd & Burnside; 82nd & Stark; 78th & Morrison

assist – citizen or agency: I-84 & 84th; 94th & Glisan

traffic stop: 94th near Holiday; 92nd & Washington; 82nd & Mill; 82nd & Harrison; 84th & Division

premise check: 81st & Ash

person contact (86): 81st & Stark

area check: 86th & Alder

Multiple incidents

82nd & I-84: 2 injury accidents