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The Montavilla Neighborhood Association board has six seats in play for this year’s election. The election is being held Monday 10/10, 7:30 pm @ Montavilla United Methodist Church (232 SE 80th Avenue) in the upstairs fellowship hall.

Five neighbors are running for the seats, and Michael Sonnleitner, board chair, said anyone interested in serving can nominate themselves the night of the meeting. He also said they are hoping to find someone to fill the Public Safety committee chairmanship.

Paula Funatake (transportation chair, communications committee chair) and Victoria Swink are running for re-election. John Whitman and Miranda Molea are departing the board.

The other three announced candidates for board are: Justine (interest: secretary), Nick (interest: land use), and Jennie (interest: at-large). Kerensa said their policy requires consent before candidates’ full names can be shared.

To be able to vote, you have to have been to a MNA (website) meeting in the past three years and affirm in writing that you live, work, or have a business in the neighborhood. “Though it is unlikely to be asked for, some proof of residency (like a drivers lines or Oregon ID) would be good to have,” Sonnleitner wrote.

Last year board terms were staggered so the entire board doesn’t turn over in one term.

Board members only one year into a two-year term, and not up for re-election are: Sonnleitner (chair). Ben Kerensa (vice chair, public safety),  Elaine Hakala (treasurer), Jennifer Tayamo (secretary, SEUL delegate), and Jane Lawson (at large, housing). You can see their smiling faces here.

Kerensa has been pubic safety chair for the past two year and said he is moving on from the position. It’s an important position, especially considering that many neighbors are saying that crime is rising in Montavilla. Here’s the petition seeking more police patrols submitted to Mayor Charlie Hayles, police and parks leadership by a group of concerned Montavilla neighbors.

What’s expected from a board member? From a blog post on the Montavilla Neighborhood Association website:
“Board members are expected to stay informed of board business and attend the monthly MNA meetings.  Additional duties vary but include chairing various committees (eg: Land Use and Transportation, Public Safety, Steering, and Communications), coordinating or volunteering at neighborhood events (eg: Montavilla Street Fair, Neighborhood Cleanup, National Night Out, Fundraisers etc), and assisting in the production and distribution of the neighborhood newsletter.  Board members can expect to spend 8-10 hours a month, outside of meetings, on neighborhood activities and other neighborhood organizations meeting while engaging with neighbors too.”
The post also said board members become experts in many areas (depending on where you serve) and are the first to know what’s coming to the neighborhood.
Because it’s the annual meeting, the board will also present the annual report (with financials and the year’s activities).