The Lumberyard, an indoor bike park, is hosting a benefit for Gateway Green, planned to be Portland’s first outdoor bike park. 25% of admission and 15% of sales at Pulehu Pizza will help fund the project. 2700 NE 82nd Ave * 5 pm – 10 pm 

The 25-acre strip of land in the interchange of I-84 and I-205 will also have hiking trails, a kids play area, animal habitat, bird watching area, and bike infrastructure for all levels of riders. Construction began this week as well on this awesome addition to East Portland.

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fullsizerender-2It’s good to see Academy Theater get into the Halloween holiday spirit!

The third movie in their October repertory series for this month 1988’s Child’s Play, the gold standard of killer doll movies. This was the first horror / slasher film I’d ever seen in the theater, and I saw it with my church youth group leader, oddly enough. (Hint: the trailer gives away too much, just go and enjoy the ride.) 7818 SE Stark St * 9:05 pm, 10/14 – 20 * $4


Help beautify 50+ park locations including natural areas, neighborhood parks, and community gardens, many in East Portland. Go to (get it?) to register. Fri & Sat


It’s going to rain all weekend… I hope you have your rain gear or indoor projects all lined up. Midland Library has a great line up of events, and this one looks interesting:

” Lucha Libre wrestlers “luchadores” traditionally create their characters and design their masks based on animals, fiction characters, and public personalities that have attributes that they admire and want to be recognized with.In this workshop, participants will create their own Lucha Libre mask with craft materials modeling the traditions of inspiration of the “luchadores.” 805 SE 122nd Ave * 2:30 – 3:30 * free

According to this story in the Oregonian from last year you can sometimes find lucha libre matches here in Portland.


Portland Chamber Music is hosting a free show:


St. Peters and Paul, 247 SE 82nd * 7 pm – 10 pm *  free


I don’t know anything / couldn’t find anything about Beats Working, Saturday’s band, but Montavilla Station‘s booker has earned my trust at this point. Robin Gibson (Friday) and were excellent and the blues jam has been solid too. 417 SE 80th Ave * 9ish? * free



It’s so wonderfully phrased, I’ll quote it again this week: “The beginning of October is the best of fall and still some of summer: tomatoes, melons, peppers, zucchini, plus winter squash, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, it’s a great time to be at the market!” PDX Environmental Services and Feed the Mass are tabling this market. 7600 block of SE Stark Street in the gravel lot across from Mr. Plywood * 10 am – 2 pm * free

The season’s last regular Sunday market is 10/30, and there’ll be a Thanksgiving market 11/20.