editor’s note: I reached out to the neighbors concerned about the honesty of the MNA election, in light of the recent deal reached. (For background on the issue, see the most recent Last Weekend post.) Evelyn Macpherson shared her thoughts below:

I am concerned about making a statement. I take issue with many of the points within Amanda’s [Rhodes, Montavilla Neighborhood Association vice chair] letter on behalf of the MNA and its members of which I am one.

I was involved in a large effort on behalf of MNA members to right some wrongs within the organization and I have received nothing but grief from the board for my concerns. The concerns of nearly 200 others who weighed in on the grievance seem to be of no consequence to the current board members.

Many neighbors were concerned for their own involvement in our grievance. They asked to not have their name signed for the purpose of remaining anonymous and possibly saving themselves from personal scrutiny by what appeared to be a hostile group of board members. But we managed, still, to find 59 people who were willing to sign it. The effort has not been treated with due diligence.

I am grateful to Ben [Kerensa] for attempting to reach a civil arrangement. All any of us wanted was to make sure our NA was in order and following procedure whilst making every effort to include all voices of our neighborhood. I believe we can move past this, but not without some sadness for what could have been. I hope to see the MNA board do positive things for our neighborhood and when they do I will support them.

In the meantime, I have not felt welcomed or valued in my efforts to serve through the MNA and I will be seeking other outlets for my gifts and talents to be spent. This outcome of Ben’s lawsuit is not fair or right, but it is civil and it reflects my and other’s intent to build bridges.

I want avoid more conflict even when consequences of loss and dismantlement of the MNA would be just and right. They have not proven to serve our community as a whole. They have refused the rights of members based on their own emotional responses. Even worse, they have carelessly slandered well meaning individuals and groups of neighbors. With that, do be looking for some connection opportunities as they roll out. I, for one, am thrilled for the upcoming year. Some truly rewarding and life-giving things are coming down the pipe.