Hello! If you’re here for 2018 Portland Adult Soapbox Derby video, we’re working on finishing the editing. Check back in a few days, or you can subscribe to get our posts, including a weekly culture and arts events listing for East Portland.

To tide you over, here are the videos we’ve done over the past few years. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks to all the hard-working volunteers and organizers that make this event so amazing.

DIY, day drinking, one of Portland’s most beautiful parks, and a hint of danger… the derby truly is Portland at its best.


The 2014 video featured Sandy V on the mic. He’s a software developer who’s not afraid to try new things… like interview strangers while day drinking.

I was there in 2015, but didn’t film anything. It was a good time still.

In 2016, we stuck to the basics. I blame my woo-ing on the boxed rosé.

At 2017’s race, I sorta asked / sorta didn’t ask my friend Jason S. help me narrate throughout the day.