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We’ve been at this a while— telling stories about neighborhoods and neighbors serving neighbors in a variety of ways— and now we’d like to give you the chance to support that work and help Village Portland expand our coverage.

We’re starting small and specific: A new video camera that can help share the stories of all the amazing organizations, volunteers, and small businesses here in Portland. $350 will get us a second-hand video camera, backup battery, and SD card for Cory Elia to be able to move at his own Batman-like pace, and be where I cannot. 

Crowdsourcing a video camera for Village Portland

Kept up with the videos we’ve done lately? Did you see the one about the threat to Free Hot Soup, a meal for the food insecure five nights a week downtown? Or our conversation with an advocate teaching neighbors about architecture and ways to get involved with how their neighborhood develops?  How about our good times at the Weird Portland United gala?  

Asking for money is wildly humbling and uncomfortable, frankly, but it’s a small step into a shift of focus that is necessary to grow our work and meet the goal of having a part-time Village Portland reporter-cheerleader-referee in every neighborhood of Portland.

There’s so much going on in this town that doesn’t rise to the attention of citywide media, and these stories need to be told.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s been involved or offered their encouragement to me and all the contributors of Village Portland. If you’d like to extend that support by donating to this fundraiser, that would be awesome as well.  

Thanks & peace,
Andrew Wilkins
Publisher / Editor 
Village Portland

* Any money raised beyond our goal will go to funding our freelance writers’ work.