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The Portland, Oregon area is home to several village-style transitional housing communities. In a nation struggling with housing and homelessness, is this a model that can work for more people— and for more cities?

Beginning with Dignity Village, founded in 2000, Village Portland is creating a documentary series, “Voices of the Villages”, to examine each of Portland’s six villages to find out what they can teach us about housing and homelessness, and why many see the model as an improvement over traditional homeless shelters.

If you’d like to help Village Portland examine this unique model that has helped so many people find housing, community, and dignity, please donate to our crowd-funding campaign. Funds will go towards the reporting of Cory Elia and production crew.

Voices of the Villages” crowdfunding campaign

We’ll be announcing subsequent campaigns for each village documentary. If you as an individual or your organization would like to be a sole sponsor, please contact us. Thank you for supporting independent media and this housing model that has helped so many.

Andrew Wilkins
Publisher / Editor