This weekend

The race to be mayor of Portland is on. Challenger Sarah Innarone is in the lead by 11 points, according to a poll by released earlier this week. If you missed the debate Thursday night between Mayor Ted Wheeler and her, you can watch it here.

The run-off for a Portand City Council seat between incumbent Chloe Eudaly and Mingus Mapps was held on Friday. Watch the replay at the Portland Tribune‘s website here.

In Oregon, you can register online. The last day to register to vote in the November 4th election is October 13.

Read about all the ballot initiatives on the November 4th ballot here.


Fall fun is fun:


Keep an eye out for the Montavilla Mini-Farm‘s open hours. It’s a really cool venture that brings fresh food to the city.

We did a short film on the farm a few years back, as part of our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, community, and urban gardens:



Live jazz:

At Montavilla’s jazz and wine hot spot, Neil Mattson & Shao Way Wu will be playing outside— and the weather looks like it will be fantastic.

Vino Veritas, 7835 SE Stark St * 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. * free


The Montavilla Farmers Market is every Sunday, learn more about their vendors for this week’s market here.

7700 block of SE Stark St * 10 am – 2 pm


Lents International Farmers Market is also Sunday.

Learn more about the market here, including how to “double up” your SNAP benefits.

SE 92nd & Reedway, between Foster Rd & Harold St 9 am – 2 pm


Enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “This weekend

  1. Both choices for mayor are too sympathetic with Antifa/BLM rioters. It’s hard to watch them constantly bashing the police and acting like crime itself is a trivial sideshow. Cry me a river for those poor rioters being shoved by police, as if they did nothing to instigate anything.

    Even after Wheeler had his downtown residence targeted by zealots, he still sympathizes with them! Luckily he was in a high-rise they couldn’t easily breach, but they broke lower windows and set fires outside. What sort of dupe puts up with that and blames the cops for being mean to rioters aka protestors? He’s got it all backwards, totally steeped in BIPOC victimhood culture.

    Defunding the GVRT was absurd if it quelled violence that could end up costing more than the $15 million spent on it. Either way, every person shot by some “oppressed POC” is priceless to their families. “Racial profiling” is a mealy-mouthed way to describe cops targeting those who simply commit the most crime. They’d profile more whites if they committed more crimes. Portland cops are trained to be among the least racist in the nation, and most cops these days are on eggshells around blacks, but they still have to arrest violent ones. It’s just messy business when people start fighting with them.

    There aren’t even enough blacks in Portland to justify this riot madness. Those who seek more diversity should tour cities where crime is rampant because of it. It comes down to quality of life after all the smug posturing is done. If you’re going to martyr criminals, be prepared to LIVE among them.

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