I’m back again, creatin’ in the pixel foundry:


Portland Community College’s 22nd annual Cascade Festival of African Films opens Friday night. Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story is an pre-Tahir Square Egyptian film whose reviews are all over the map. From Deborah Young at The Hollywood Reporter, this quote from her review is what I want it to be: “Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story is a powerful indictment of misogyny that overturns stereotypes about Egypt through the dramatic stories women recount on a television show.” Hollywood Theater, 4122 Northeast Sandy * 7 pm * free

Full disclosure: I’ve performed with Ilima of The Sexbots (as a college professor in a dance routine for this song), and we have a couple of ideas bubblin’ on the back burner. Should I not promote an artist that brings together dancers, singers, photographers of all types in awesome collaborations? It’s their cd release party, so I’m sure The Sexbots will have an awesome array of dancers and performers as part of the experience. Ilima is one of my favorite artists in this town, and the shows are always a good time. It’s Dropa’s  CD release party as well. Backspace, 115 Northwest 5th Avenue * 8:30 pm * $7 * all ages


Why are They Here? Stories in Africa is the PCC African film festival’s afternoon matinee. Filmed in Niger, Mozambique and Accra, this film looks at how Chinese immigrants interact with Africans. PCC Cascade Campus, Moriarty Arts & Hummanities Building, Room 104 * 2 PM * free

It’s a houseparty kinda night for me. This world beat  band at The Goodfoot sounds cool. The Goodfoot, 2845 Southeast Stark Street * 9 PM * $8

I’m still feelin’ these ladies… Have a muy fab weekend people— enjoy the sunshine and the (lack of) rain.