In a mayor’s race with no clear leader, tonight’s candidate forum at Concordia University might give voters more answers on who to support.

The focus tonight will be community livability issues like jobs, transportation and safety. Community members are invited to attend and ask questions of the candidate. The ones not answered at the forum will be responded to in writing and shared with the public. The moderator will be Carl Talton.

A poll from KATU and Survey USA shows the majority of voters (28 percent) are undecided. Eileen Brady has the most support (25 percent), while Charlie Hales has 18 percent. Jefferson Smith has 10 percent, just ahead of newly-announced candidate Tre Arrow (7 percent).

Attending mayoral candidates: Eileen Brady, Jefferson Smith and Charlie Hales

Attending council candidates: Amanda Fritz, Mary Nolan, Steve Novick, Teressa Raiford, Mark White and Jeri Williams

Candidate Forum * 2/28 * Concordia University, 2811 NE Holman, Hagen Campus Center * 7 – 9 PM