Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship— it’s an ambitious title— is a film that “takes us on an inspiring voyage to seaports and watersheds across the country—from the busy shipping lanes of Boston Harbor to an obscure little fishing community in the Pacific Northwest; from America’s coral reef playground in the Florida Keys to the nation’s premier seafood nursery in the Mississippi Delta. Here we meet an intermingling of unlikely allies, of industrial shippers and whale biologists, pig farmers and wetland ecologists, sport fishers and reef snorkelers and many more, all of them embarking on a new course of cooperation, in defense of the seas that sustain us.”

This film, premiering in Portland on Saturday, March 7, is sponsored by a long list of local activist groups. The showing will feature Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes and Port Orford Mayor James Aubor. A Q&A session with Oregon ocean experts will also be held.

The Ocean Frontier’s website offers an opportunity to contact to your representative about supporting 2010’s National Ocean Policy, the legislation examined in the film.

There’s a lot of awesome bird watching and conservation events sponsored by the Audabon Society of Portland, including a trip to Ocean Shores, Washington to see these snow owls that are rarely seen in this part of the world. Love Audubon, and his society.

3/7/12 * Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd * 7 PM * $5