Crime happens every day. So does that mean it’s not important— or very important? Obviously, it’s important if it happens to you or your neighbors, but local media casts too wide a net for it to be covered.

In our viewing area there were 11 thefts, 8 assaults, 4 burglaries, and one vehicle recovery. The multiple incident box on 19th and NE Failing indicate two thefts. The frequency of crime in this neighborhood is an eye opener.

I’ve lived in Northeast Portland, and there’s a lot of crime around NE Martin Luther King Blvd. Within a couple of blocks off MLK, there were five assaults and eleven thefts. I don’t know what I thought was going on, but always locked up my bicycle.

That light-blue box at MLK and NE Killingsworth indicates three thefts over three days and one assault to that started it all off.

What’s being stolen? Bicycles, cars, lawn ornaments? How do the police respond? Do they dust for prints and break out the CSI gear? Is there any kind of follow up? I wonder how many people even bother to call the police… So many questions…