It looks like the Portland Police Department have dropped down hard on NE Portland.

Most of the light blue multiple incidents (available at involved either a pedestrian / vehicle stop and community policing. The “PP” proactive policing are mostly welfare checks and traffic stops, while a few examples of the “Q” quality of life incidents are cold threats, suspicious people / vehicles, and noise disturbances.

I’ve added a few new categories to my map, but something’s dropped incidents in the area significantly— and it looks like increased PPB presence. This week, thefts dropped from 11 to 6, assaults from 8 to 1, and burglaries down from 4 to 1.

But at what cost? Are there more arrests? Why aren’t arrests listed?

New York City’s “stop and frisk” policy is on trial right now, the Huffington Post reports. NYDP’s retired chief, Joseph Esposito, claims that NYC crime dropped 40 percent over the last 12 years and 80 percent over the last 20 years. Statistics show that African Americans and Latinos are more often the subject of “stop and frisk,” but he said the policy isn’t racist because their neighborhoods is where the crime happens.

A few stats from the article: the practice went up 800 percent over Esposito’s term as chief, and 88 percent of those stopped were found to do nothing wrong. I don’t expect to be able to dig too deeply into Portland’s program from here on St. Croix — but, ya, I’m curious…

My questions: what’s the standard for the stops? Is there probable cause needed? How long are these people stopped for? Several of the stops on the map this week, include “a disturbance” so it seems like there’s some push back from those getting stopped.