My head is still spinning over the amount of options in this town. Portland is changing too: it condo-mania over here in southeast and new businesses and restaurants are springing up all over.

Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts’ Time Based Art 13 opened Thursday night— on the west side! I used to play soccer by the old location at Washington School, so with the move my pirates vs. zombies soccer performance art piece probably won’t happen now.

PICA’s website is confusing, so here’s a .pdf of TBA’s calendar. Kristan Kennedy, visual art coordinator, speaks on the title of the exhibit:

“…community declared itself a medium…” is a fragment of a sentence, ripped off, taken out of context, and divorced from its beginning and ending.* It is about this community and that one. “That one” = the one you belong to, the one you don’t belong to, the one you hope to belong to, the one that does not yet exist but is forming or might yet emerge.

TBA * Sept. 12 -22 * various locations

And not far away from TBA, all this month thousands of Vaux Swifts are roosting in a chimney at Chapman School on their migration to South America. The swifts begin their swirl down the chimney for the night about an hour before sunset. Check out this documentary from a local filmmaker called On The Wing.



If you want to get out of town, there’s an Octoberfest in Mount Angel, and Saturday is the last day of the Pendleton Roundup. I’ll be hiking/camping on Mt. Hood this evening.

There’s also this fella— Swamp Dogg— at Dante’s. Is there a soul/R&B resurgence happening in Portland? That could be a good thing, but that kind of music is much harder to appropriate than beards and banjos kids…

Swamp Dogg * Dante’s * $15 pre-sale * 21+ * 9 p.m. 

Have fun, take care.