A man was shot Saturday night— and conveniently the Portland Police were just a block away making an arrest for separate gun brandishing in the parking lot of Sewickly’s Addition.

This isn’t the first incident near Sewickly’s, according to a Portland Reddit thread. A 2009 fight where a warning shot was fired was caught on film, and comments on the Mercury’s story about the incident say fights are common. It’s hard to know what’s been happening recently, but clearly there’s a pattern of violence at that bar on the edge of Sunnyside.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has the power to pull the liquor licenses of bars, but it rarely goes that far. According to another article by the Mercury’s Sarah Mirk, only three bars had their licenses revoked between 2009 and spring of 2011. The revocation process is slow— too slow even for officials involved, according to the article— giving residents little leverage to make sure bar owners are good neighbors.

A complaint form for liquor licensees is available online, but it has to be printed and delivered to an OLCC office. (There’s a specific check-box for shootings/stabbing on the list of incidents.) I couldn’t find any list of complaints online, but will definitely look into it and report back.

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Other crime incidents this week: there were 10 thefts and 4 property crimes in Sunnyside. Traffic incidents include 4 hit and runs, 1 non-injury accident and 1 parking problem.

In the map’s multiple-incident listing, there were 2 thefts at Salmon and 40th on 9/9, thefts at Hawthorne and 28th on 9/9 and 9/13, 2 property crimes at Salmon and 50th on 9/12, and an emergency at Belmont and 39th on 9/14 and 9/15.

Sunnyside’s boundries are: Stark to the north50th to the eastHawthorne to the south28th to the west. For more details on any reports visit CrimeReports.com.