A Cohen brothers film about a 1960s Greenwich Village folk singer, Inside Ilewyn Davis, runs through next week at CinemagicCinemagic, 2021 SE Hawthorne * Thurs Fri 5:30 pm 7:45 pm 9:55 pm, Sat Sun 3:15 pm 5:30 pm 7:45 pm 9:55 pm


The Blue Monk is a treasure people. For as long as I’ve been in town, they’ve been cranking out interesting, eclectic shows about  4 nights a week.

I’ve been meaning to see Offbeat Belly Dance for a while, and they’re playing Friday. To give you a sense of the crew, at the end of a show invite on their website, ringleader Karissa signs off: Hugz and Sparklez. Awesome. Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont Ave. * ?? * ?? 

And after you learn some sweet new moves at the belly dance show, you can dance at Holocene (pop dance), Dig A Pony (cosmic disco), Branx (a/v live mixing), Goodfoot (soul, R&B), and Andrea’s Cha Cha Club— without ever leaving Buckman.

Remember folks… safety third!

A band called Saucytown is playing at Eastburn. Eastburn, 1800 E. Burnside * 10 pm * free


Want to see a bunch of kids play the music of AC/DC and the Red Hot Chili Peppers? The School of Rock has an event downtown today. Star Theater, * 13 NW 6th Ave. * AC/DC noon, RHCP 3 pm * $12 presale, $15 door

SNL and 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan is at Helium, both Saturday and Friday. Helium Comedy Club, Fri Sat: 7:30 pm, 10 pm * ??


How about a hikeSilver Lake State Park is a great start, and I’ve recently seen Stu, the nation’s first trans-gendered mayor, in some ads inviting us Portlandians to visit their town of 9,222. Stu’s awesome, and so is Silvertown.

See the tiny people under the waterfall?