The Bridgetown Comedy Festival is on this weekend at Hawthorne Theatre, Analog Theater, Doug Fir and several other venues. There are over 200 comedians in town this weekend, including the top tier performers like Reggie Watts, locals on the way up, and a group of comedians reading celebrity news after eating super-hot peppers. For some reason.

Summer Cannibals, Sad Horse, Charts at The Firkin Tavern. Summer cannibals rock. Give ’em a whirl. 1937 SE 11th * 10 pm * ??


I’ll be crossing the river tomorrow, for OPB’s open house. There’ll be music, a tour of the studios, and you can get your photograph taken with Buddy from “Dinosaur Train”! (I’ve never heard of Dinosaur Train, I imagine it’s like Barney, but orange-er and more educational.)

Also, this weekend… Monkey with a Hat On presents Sex, Death & Springsteen: “a supernatural comedy in two acts featuring original music and a talented cast. Jack, a waiter and aspiring writer, needs to get his soul back from evil idiotic restaurant owners so he can go after the girl of his dreams. Along the way Jack meets his spirit guide, commiserates with a hip hop ghost and learns what true success really is.” The Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton * Fri, Sat, Sun: 7 pm * $5