In Buckman police calls this week, there was 1 assault, 1 priority assault, 2 burglary, and 25 theft, and 2 priority theft.

4 property calls include: 1 priority vandalism, 2 cold vandalism, and 1 stolen vehicle.

13 traffic calls include: 1 injury accident, 1 non-injury accident, 1 unknown injury accident, 7 hit and run, 1 priority hit and run, and 4 parking problem.

Multiple incidents (included in the above totals): I-5 and Morrison: 1 hazardous condition and 1 unknown injury accident; Grand and Stark: 1 medical assist and 1 non-injury accident; near 6th and Alder: 2 priority theft; near 12th and Pine: 1 cold theft and 1 priority assault.

The Buckman neighborhood boundaries are: Burnside Ave to the north, 28th Ave to the east, Hawthorne Ave to the south, and the Willamette River to the west. For more information on any incident, visit or contact the Portland Police Bureau.