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3700 block of Hawthorne: 8/17 – bomb or chemical investigation.

41st block of Division: 8/20 – priority vandalism

33rd block of Powell: 8/23 – priority theft

28th block of Powell: 8/21 – medical assist

The two traffic incidents on Hawthorne and the 1 on Powell were non-injury accidents.

PP (Proactive Policing) include community policing, pedestrian stops, and vehicle stops. Theres been no clarification as to the difference between PP stops and regular traffic stops. I’ll look into it.

Multiple incidents: 

35th Pl. block of Hawthorne: 8/19 – priority welfare check and person contact

41st and Hawthorne: 8/22 – 2 traffic stops

37th and Hawthorne: 8/20 – area check; 8/22 – 2 traffic stop, person contact, non-injury accident

Cesar Chavez and Hawthorne: 8/22 – 6 traffic stops

Cesar Chavez and Division: 8/20 – injury accident (A pedestrian was involved according to a report on Reddit Portland.)

Cesar Chavez and Powell: 8/19 – traffic stop; 8/22 – traffic stop

For more information visit or contact Portland Police Bureau. The Richmond neighborhood is Hawthorne Blvd. to the north; 50th Ave. and 52nd Ave. to the east; Powell Blvd. to the south; and 29th Ave. to the west.