Indie-pop from Lubec at Twilight Cafe. w/  Funeral Gold, Sean Archer. 1420 SE Powell * 9 pm * $5

Cruising down Foster, the Smart Collective storefront has often caught my eye. It’s described as a skateboard shop “plus community-building events.” Maybe tonight’s the night I finally pay a visit. Loser Boyfriend w/ Helens, Dowager, Radler. 6923 SE Foster * 5 pm * $5


Everything’s good at LaurelThurst Public House. A might predictable, but good. Stubborn Lovers, Cedro Willie. 2958 NE Glisan * 9:30 pm * $5

Free Shakespeare in Laurelhurst Park! Henry IV, Part 1. Haven’t we had enough of sequels? “OPS Fest is dedicated to bringing a new style of Shakespearean performance to Portland and the surrounding area, by reviving the old. Their actors perform using the same performance techniques as they did in Shakespeare’s own time, which means limited rehearsal, an onstage prompter, fast-paced energetic acting, and lots of audience interaction!” 3756 SE Oak * 7 pm – 9 pm * free

Get down with the Yak Attack’s “electronic dance fusion” tonight. Goodfoot Lounge, 2845 SE Stark * 9 pm * $7