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Screenshot 2016-04-12 at 9.39.24 PMIn this week’s crime calls there was a missing endangered person, 72nd near Hassalo; shots fired near 92nd and Morrison; an injury accident near 82nd near Pacific; and 2 priority assaults.

Priority assault:

82nd & Wasco, 4/06 @ 1:47 pm

9000 block of Harrison, 4/08 @ 2:40 pm

Quality of life calls: 

Priority threat: 81st near Halsey; 96th & Stark

Unwanted person: 80th block of Clackamas; Wasco near I-84; Burnside & I-205; 93rd & Stephens

Suspicious person, vehicle, or circumstance: 81st & Multnomah; 71st & Glisan; 83rd north of Burnside; 96th block of Burnside; 93rd block of Stark; 88th & Morrison

Shots fired: 92nd & Morrison

Priority suspicious persons: 87th near Hassalo;

Vice: drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling: 92nd block of Hassalo; 90th south of Hassalo; 92nd block of Hassalo; 78th & Oregon


Missing – endangered person : 72nd near Hassalo, 4/06 @ 6:39 pm

Warrant: 94th & Stark


Injury accident: 82nd near Pacific

Non-injury accident: 91st near Hassalo, Ash near 80th; Ash near 82nd; 2 Stark near I-205

Proactive Policing

traffic stop: 94th & Oregon; 82nd near Couch; 82nd near Burnside; 83rd near Burnside; 85th near Burnside; Stark near I-205; 82nd near Washington; 82nd near Alder; 82nd near Morrison; 82nd near Yamhill; Divison & 84th; Divison & 85th

The other PP were checks, and a civil standby at 91st near Oregon.

Multiple Incidents

Gateway Transit Center: 2 unwanted person; 5 person contact (86)

Gateway Fred Meyer: 2 theft, 1 subject in custody; 1 suspicious, person, vehicle, or circumstance

Gateway Shopping Center: 3 priority theft; 1 area check; 2 theft – subject in custody

82nd & Multnomah: 1 injury accident; 1 traffic stop

90th & Hassalo: 1 priority theft; 1 suspicious, person, vehicle, or circumstance

Montavilla Park: 1 area check; 1 person contact (86)

82nd near Glisan: 3 traffic stop; 1 priority welfare check

Glisan & I-205: 1 hazardous conditions; 1 traffic; 1 priority welfare check

82nd & Ash: 1 vice, drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling; 1 unwanted persons

Stark & 82nd: 2 traffic stops

92nd near Stark: 1 priority welfare check; 1 priority theft

Washington near I-205: 1 traffic stop; 1 priority welfare check

88th & Yamhill: 1 traffic stop; 1 suspicious subject, vehicle or circumstances

82nd & Division: 1 traffic stop; 1 priority welfare check

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