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In this week’s Montavilla crime calls, was a robber at 75th and Hoyt, and 6 injury accident calls.

Priority robbery: 75th & Hoyt, 4/11 @ 12:59 pm

Priority theft: 82nd & Oak, 4/15 @ 8:43 pm; 88th & Yamhill, 4/11 Apr @ 8:35 am (9 more in multiple incidents)

Priority assault: Stark near Pine, 4/14 @ 5:01 pm; 84th near Clinton,  4/15 @ 7:52 pm

Property Crime 

Priority Vandalism: 78th near Glisan, 4/13 @ 8:59 am

Quality of Life

Threat with weapon: 82nd near Halsey, 4/15 @ 2:03 pm (1 more in multiple incidents)

Suspicious person with weapon: 92nd near Main, 4/12 @ 6:15 pm. (1 more in multiple incidents) Suspicious person was the other report near Berrydale Park.

Priority threat: 82nd near Multnomah (1 more in multiple incidents)

All remaining: unwanted person; suspicious subject, vehicle, or circumstance; vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling


Injury accident: 94th & Glisan, 4/17 @ 11:37 am (5 more in multiple incidents)

Non-injury accident: 69th near Pacific (2 more in multiple incidents)

Unknown injury accident: (3 in multiple incidents)

Proactive policing

Traffic stop: Multnomah near 82nd; 82nd near Pacific; 81st near Glisan; 82nd near Flanders; 82nd near Everett; Burnside near 67nd; Burnside near 76th; Alder near 91st; Morrison near 92nd; 82nd near Yamhill; Market near 83rd; Divison near 83rd; Division near 84th; Division near 88th; Clinton near 82nd; Clinton near 81st (21 more in multiple incidents)

The remaining were welfare check, area check, person contact (86), citizen or agency assist; civil standby

Multiple incidents

74th near Halsey: unwanted person, traffic stop

I-84 near 90th: hazardous condition, non-injury accident

I-84 near 92nd: 2 hazardous condition

I-205 near Halsey: 2 unknown injury accident

Gateway Max stop: 3 person contact, 1 unwanted person

Fred Meyer: 3 cold welfare check; 1 theft, subject in custody; 1 injury accident; 1 traffic stop

Gateway Shopping Center: 7 priority theft, 3 theft – subject in custody

Winco: 1 unwanted person; 1 priority welfare check; 1 non-injury accident; 1 theft, subject in custody

Glisan & I-205: 1 injury accident; 1 hazardous condition; 1 traffic stop

Montavilla Park: medical assist; flagdown; person contact (86)

Glisan near 82nd: 4 traffic stop; 1 injury accident; 1 community policing; 1 person contact (86)

Burnside near 80th: 1 injury accident, 1 unknown injury accident

Burnside & 82nd: 2 traffic stop

Burnside & I-205: 1 traffic stop; 1 hazardous condition; 1 vice (GLPG)

82nd near Ash: 5 unwanted person; 2 traffic stop; 1 person contact (86); 1 priority theft;

Stark near 82nd: 1 flagdown; 1 suspicious person with weapon

Stark near 92nd: priority animal problem; 1 vice (DLPG)

82nd near Alder: 2 traffic stop; person contact (86)

82nd near Morrison: 2 traffic stop

82nd near Mill: 1 traffic stop; 1 priority threat

82nd near Harrison: 2 traffic stop

82nd near Division: 1 injury accident; 1 hazardous condition; 1 welfare check; 1 traffic stop

Division near 92nd: suspicious SVoC; 1 cold welfare check

Division near I-205: 1 threat with weapon; 2 traffic stop