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Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 2.27.59 PMFor over a month now, I’ve been diligently noting all the crime calls for Montavilla. At a glance, I want to give neighbors a look at what’s happening where. I’ve been able to detect some patterns (Gateway’s pretty wild and you’re very likely to get pulled over by the police on 82nd), but what’s struck me is what we don’t know.

Saturday morning (5/1) a friend / neighbor told me someone tried to break into two windows on the west side of the Milepost 5 studio building. I posted it on Nextdoor and someone responded that a neighbor a few blocks north on 81st had also been burglarized that same night.

Neither incident showed up on the crime calls. It makes me wonder how much is actually happening around here. Nextdoor has made people more aware of what’s going on, but it’s all self reported and mixed in with all sorts of other notices. The City reports crime data, but it’s done monthly and lacks any detail.

If there’s a burglary down the street, I want to know about it. If there’s a hit-and-run— especially if someone gets hurt— I’d want to know about that too. Privacy is important, but I think most people impacted by crime want justice and to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

The mission of Village Portland is to give people a more local perspective; on crime, local businesses, events, development, and whatever else is happening in neighborhoods. Crime isn’t a priority to me, but I do think it’s one of those data sets that need to be freed up.

This experiment in hyper local reporting will be expanding soon, and better ways to report and share information is definitely a focus. I try to think about every incident I list personally; how an assault, or a wreck, or a theft can change a life. I try to think about what led a person to resort to theft or violence. I’m not sure what can be done to prevent these choices, but knowing the scope of the problem is a good start.

priority assault: Hassalo & 73rd, 4/30 @ 10:54 pm (4 more in multiple incidents)

priority theft: Montavilla Park, 5/1 May @ 9:34; Glisan near 66th, 4/26 @ 2:42; 4/27 @ 3:38 (4 more in multiple incidents)

theft – subject in custody (7 in multiple incidents)

Quality of Life:

all suspicious subject vehicle or circumstance; unwanted person; and vice: drugs, liquor, prostitution, or gambling


Warrant: 82nd near Alder; 70th near I-84 (3 more in multiple incidents)

Missing person – lost, found, runner: 74th near I-84

Proactive Policing:

traffic stop: I-84 and Halsey, Halsey & 80th; 99th near Oregon; I-205 near Glisan; 82nd and Burnside; Stark near I-205; Washington near I-205; 82nd near Madison; 82nd near Mill; Division near 86th; 77th near Divison; 77th near PCC; 86th near Division; 2 @ 82nd near Clinton (28 more in multiple incidents)

the rest were citizen or agency assist, welfare check, person contact (86), area check, civil – standby


priority hit and run: 82nd near Halsey; Burnside near 81st

unknown injury accident: 82nd near I-84

injury accident: Halsey near I-84; 89th & Division; 91st & Division (1 more in multiple incidents)

non-injury accident: Halsey near I-84; Glisan near Flanders; 99th near Washington (2 more in multiple incidents)

Multiple incidents:

Gateway Max stop: 6 person contact (86); 1 warrant; 1 flagdown; 1 premise check

Halsey near Gateway: 1 non-injury accident; 1 non-described incident

Gateway north: 3 priority theft; 3 theft – subject in custody; 1 unwanted person

Gateway south: 1 warrant; 11 unwanted person ; 1 suspicious person with weapon; 1 priority animal problem; 1 welfare check; 1 V-L,D,P,G

82nd & Glisan: 8 traffic stop; 1 hazardous conditions; 1 injury accident; 1 area check

82nd near Burnside: 1 traffic stop; 1 priority threat; 1 traffic stop; 1 non-injury accident; 1 person contact (86)

81st near Stark: 1 priority assault; 1 unwanted person; 1 area check; 1 traffic stop; 1 V-L,D,P,G

Stark near I-205: 2 traffic st0p

99th near Pine: 1 person contact (86); 1 warrant; 1 SS,VoC;

102nd near Washington: 1 traffic stop; 1 agency assist

102nd near Stark: 1 welfare check; 1 warrant; 1 non-injury accident

near Home Depot: 1 suspicious priority; theft – 4 subject in custody; 1 welfare check; 1 traffic stop

82nd near Hawthorne: 2 traffic stop

82nd near Clay: 2 traffic stop

82nd near Harrison: 2 traffic stop; 2 area check; 1 priority animal problem

82nd & Division: 1 priority theft; 2 traffic stop; 1 agency or citizen assist; 1 welfare check

84th & Division: 3 traffic stop

86th & Division: 2 traffic stop

92nd & Division: 1 priority welfare check; 1 SS,VoC;

Division near I-205: 1 traffic stop, 1 SVoS

98th near Division: welfare check; unwanted person

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