Screenshot 2016-05-09 at 6.20.41 PM.png

Screenshot 2016-05-09 at 6.22.56 PM.pngpriority assault: Burnside near 81st, 5/2 @ 5:11 pm (1 more in multiple incidents)

priority theft: Glisan near 80th, 5/3 @ 10:04 pm

quality of life:

subject with weapon: 80th near Glisan  (1 more in multiple incidents)

priority threat: 70th near Pacific; 82nd near Clinton (1 more in multiple incidents)

vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling: 70th near I-84  (1 more in multiple incidents)

All others are suspicious subject, vehicle or circumstances; unwanted person follow up; area check; person contact (86).


2 priority hit and run (in multiple incidents)

non-injury accident: 82nd & Wasco; 82nd & Glisan; 84th & Glisan; 99th & Burnside; 81st & Division; 82nd & Division (2 more in multiple incidents)

unknown injury accident: 99th and Ankeny

DUI: Burnside and 81st; I-205 near Stark

request for police: 90th and Washington

traffic stop: Halsey near 82nd; Glisan & 74th; Burnside & 91st; 97th & Market; 82nd near Market; 82nd near Mill; 84th near PCC (16 more in multiple incidents)

Multiple incidents:

I-84 near 86th: traffic stop; citizen or agency assist

I-84 & I-205: shots fired & traffic stop

Gateway NW: 2 unwanted person; welfare check

Gateway Max stop: priority threat; welfare check; 11 person contact (86); unwanted person; traffic stop; suspicious subject vehicle or circumstance; flagdown; citizen or agency assist

Gateway Winco: missing person, endangered; 11 cold welfare check; priority assault; flagdown; theft – subject in custody; unwanted person; SS,VoC

Gateway SW: welfare check; traffic stop; V:D,L.P,G

Gateway SE: traffic stop; non-injury accident

100th near Hoyt: unwanted person; welfare check; suspicious subject, vehicle or circumstances

Ash near 81st: 2 premise check

Ash near 80th: 2 unwanted person

Ash near 99th: area check; welfare check

80th near Stark: non-injury accident; unwanted person

82nd near Stark: 2 welfare check

82nd & Alder: traffic stop; person contact (86)

82nd & Harrison: 2 traffic stop

82nd & Division: 3 traffic stop

84th & Division: 2 traffic stop

85th & Division: traffic stop; suspicious person w/ weapon

92nd & Division: priority hit and run; civil standby

I-205 & Division: 2 traffic stop; priority hit and run

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