There was a big change to the site last week, but now it’s back to normal. The icons were changed, as was the map. A few categories of incidents weren’t included in the update. The only improvement was a website embed function (that didn’t work for me). I didn’t publish the crime report last week, using the time I spend writing to try and figure out the embed feature.

I’m also annoyed by crime reporting in general in Portland— there is no consistent way to track what’s happening in the neighborhood. I’m working on a longer piece about what is available and a meeting our building had with Portland Police Bureau officers last week on crime prevention. I’ll also be talking about a possible crowd-sourced solution that would help neighbors keep up with what’s happening.

But until something better comes along, these 9-1-1 calls, the occasional PPB press releases,  and citizen-reported sites like Facebook and Nextdoor are the only way to really track what’s happening in the neighborhood… And this map is only the calls; the response is unknowable right now. For me the map raises more questions than it answers, but it does raise the questions.

priority assault – 91st near Pacific, 27 May 2016 @ 10:05:00 pm

priority burglary – Burnside near 94th, 29 May 2016 @ 4:59:35 pm

priority theft – Glisan near 66th, 22 May 2016 @ 8:59:54 pm; Burnside near 81st, 24 May 2016 @ 5:06:35 pm (1 more in multiple incidents)

Other (O):

warrant: Glisan & 88th; Burnside & 81st

animal problem: 66th & Burnside

priority fraud: Mall 205

priority missing person: 89th & Division

Quality of life (Q):

Hawthorne & 85th: threat with a weapon, 5/26 @ 8:54 pm

All the rest were routine Qs: suspicious subject, vehicle, or circumstance; unwanted person (6 more in multiple incidents)

Proactive Policing (PP):

traffic stop: 82nd & Hassalo; 93rd & Glisan; 86th & Stark; 80th & Washington; 82nd & Morrison; 72nd & Taylor; I-205 & Division; 85th & Division; 69th & Division (13 more in multiple incidents)

All the rest were area / premise checks (7 more in multiple incidents); person contact (86) (3 more in multiple incidents); citizen or agency assist (2 more in multiple); civil standby


injury accident: 74th south of Glisan, 5/22 @ 11:41:17 am

priority hit & run: 80th & Glisan; 80th near Stark

non-injury accident: 82nd & I-84; 83rd & Glisan; 82nd near Yamhill

Multiple incidents: 

84nd & I-84: traffic stop; assist

82nd & I-84: check; 86

82nd & I-84: priority hit & run; 86

82nd & I-84: check; SVPoC

Montavilla Park: flagdown; check

92nd & Stark: 2 unwanted person; check

82nd & Yamhill: 2 traffic stop

82nd & Glisan: priority theft; check

82nd & Glisan: 2 traffic stop; 86

82nd & Everett: 2 traffic stops

82nd & Burnside: 2 traffic stops

81st & Burnside: priority threat; SSVoC

82nd & Pine: 2 traffic stops

82nd & Stark: 2 traffic stops

82nd & Stark: check; unwanted person

I-205 & Everett: traffic stop; hazardous conditions

79th & Stark: 3 unwanted person

89th & Lincoln: 2 premise check; 1 assist

89th & Lincoln: 1 premise check; 1 assist

I-205 & Division: hazardous condition; SSV0C; check; 2 traffic stop

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