At Milepost 5, there’s a First Friday art show from Luke Buser called Details. Featured will mp5
be ten fumage (smoke paintings on canvas) and 35 concrete poetry-style pieces: “each piece consists of one swear word with the letters being collaged in a way to make the word unrecognizable up first look and somewhat pretty compared to its meaning!” 850 NE 81st Ave * 6 pm – 8 pm * free 

First Friday in downtown Montavilla… I can’t find anything specifically going on, but generally according to the Montavilla/East Tabor Business Association: “Stark Street businesses stay open later featuring art, music and fashion on the first Friday of each month in Montavilla.”


Happy hour (6 pm – 9 pm) Americana / country / rock n roll with Lynn Conover & Little Sue at O’Neil Public House. Later in the evening (9:30 pm) is Tenebrook, music born out of “good times and porch pickin'”. 6000 NE Glisan St * 6 pm – 8 pm * ???


nativeamericanart_nisgaamaskThere’s a lecture on Native American Art of Oregon at Midland Library:Portland State University scholar-in-residence Dr. Tracy J. Prince uses historical photos to demonstrate how Oregon’s tribes showed artistic expression via basketry; canoes; longhouses; beadwork (on clothing, necklaces, headdresses, and cradleboards); burial platforms; and rock art (petroglyphs and pictographs).” 805 SE 122nd Ave * 3 pm – 4:30 pm * free

Holgate Library, not too far down 82nd from Montavilla, is also hosts events throughout the week, with Chinese and Vietnamese story time on Saturday. 7905 SE Holgate Blvd


Saturday, Kris Deelane and The Hurt, a ten-piece soul band, are performing at Duff’s Garage530 NE 82nd Ave * 9 pm* ???