The newly elected Montavilla Neighborhood Association (website) board is reaching out to the community to fill its open seats. All three seats will most likely be filled at the next MNA meeting on November 13th.

Members who want to be appointed to a seat on the MNA board can contact the board here, or they can self-nominate themselves from the floor at the meeting. They’ll be a general meeting before the board meeting, so those who haven’t attended a meeting in the past three years can attend to be qualified as a member.

The current board votes to fill board vacancies.

The board also welcomed neighbors who want to serve in other ways to reach out. Visit the website for a list of committees.

At the special meeting Sunday afternoon, they also filled board roles:

Chair – David Linn

Vice chair – Amanda Rhodes

Treasurer – Jonnie Shaver

Secretary – Briar Rose Schreiber 

Southeast Uplift representative  – Olivia Alsept-Ellis

Seven of the eight elected MNA board members attended. Only Micah Fletcher was absent. Besides the board members, eleven MNA members attended.

In the video, it’s often hard to hear the discussion until I moved closer @ 10:30. Up until then the responsibilities of the board chair were discussed. I wish the sound had been better, it was hard to hear what was going on in the room too.

At 46:30, the board discusses filling the board seats. The bylaws require at least three members, but not more than eleven. On a reading of the rules, the board determined they weren’t required to fill all the seats.

Linn said that he wants to help MNA member be able to be involved without having to attend every meeting. Ogden asked why members come to the meeting, and neighbors answered that they attend to learn about the neighborhood, learn how to support the board and get involved, and for the social aspect.

My first camera’s battery powered down and my phone ran out of storage, so I missed the last ten minutes or so of the meeting. Reimbursements to Southeast Uplift were discussed.