The June Montavilla Neighborhood Association meeting addressed 82nd avenue
improvement, emergency preparedness, public murals, and temporary homeless

@ 3:16 – Liz N, 82nd Avenue Improvement Coalition steering committee member, requests
the neighborhood association’s support in getting a jurisdictional transfer from
Oregon Department of Transportation to Portland Bureau of Transportation. She said their goals is to, “make it more of a street that people can live with rather than one that people just drive through the neighborhood on.”

The group wants Portland to have jurisdiction to start projects on paving streets, improving sidewalks and creating better and more frequent crosswalks.

@ 14:41 – Ernest Jones, coordinator of Basic Earthquake Emergency Communications Node (BEECN), is seeking to double the number of volunteers at BEECN sites. Training is 90 minutes and teaches volunteers how to help their neighbors in event of an earthquake.

@ 35:51 – Mark Leben, co-leader of Monatvilla’s Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) is looking to expand and establish continuity among NET groups.

“Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing one street or two, you don’t have to know your entire neighborhood to be an asset,” he said. “…The community is what helps everyone thrive and survive.”

@ 1:03 – Alex Chu, local artist and painter and illustrator of the 82nd Max Station Mural, said his primary focus is to work with local communities and execute public art projects. His goal is to foster the understanding of the community by getting to know not only the other people in it but also the resources that are available.

@ 1:26 – Tiffany Conklin, director of the Portland Street Art Alliance, said the alliance was started in 2012 due to confusion on mural laws and it has become a large network of artists and resources for mural painting. They are looking to find more business spaces to paint on and donations for future murals.

@ 1:54 – Land Use is focusing on murals and updating bylaws and membership language. The proposal for the new bylaws is slated to go up for vote around August or September.

@ 1:58:00 – John Rotter, MNA Public Safety Chair, is working on a sanctioned homeless shelter to aid against camp frequency and expansion. His project is to focus city resources to that site inspired by a similar sanctioned program from Seattle. He said this shelter would be “very temporary but very doable.”

There was no action taken by the board, and Rotter said he plans to bring a resolution about the camp next month.

There will be a Homelessness Forum on June, 30 from 11 am – 2 pm Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (10301 NE Glisan St) to address the model.

@ 2:05 – Although May has passed, The Clean Up Day project is still a possibility for Fall date not just next Spring.