I’ve been referring to the quantine as the lost spring; and as we start summer we’re all working on how to establish a new sense of normal.

It’s hard to keep up with all that’s happening, but you can get help by checking out East PDX Newscalendar of what’s starting to open up.

A few notable examples are: Leach Botanical Garden and The Grotto (that opened yesterday, June 11th).


As the protests for better policing continue downtown and around the city, keep in touch with our photographs, livestreams, and observations on our Twitter page.

Keep track of daily Black Lives Matter events here.


The Green Lents Community Tool Library re-opened May 23rd. It’s a great resource for folks in East Portland who like to plant, build, and create.

See if you live in an area they serve on the map below. View the tools they have here.



Multnomah County was supposed to begin opening today— but Governor Kate Brown put that plan on pause, due to lack of progress in tamping down the COVID-19 pandemic. The “yellow light” will remain for seven days, she said.

The Montavilla Neighborhood Association has started a post that includes some of how businesses are adjusting to quarantine. See that by clicking on the link below their new-ish logo (the heart forms an M & V, clever, right?) below: (copy & paste the link in your browser)


In Village Portland news: thanks to a generous sponsor, Cory Elia is able to continue his work covering protests in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). He’s going up Saturday.

It’s not necessarily Village Portland’s focus or formally an assignment, but a big part of our mission is helping indie journalist do their thing and Cory’s work is cherished by many communities here.

Coverage is not an endorsement, but a grassroots, mutual-aid driven gathering of folks is at the very least interesting, and I’m sure there’s plenty to learn up there.


Sunday is the second Lents International Farmers Market of the season!

Learn more about the market here, including how to “double up” your SNAP benefits.

SE 92nd & Reedway, between Foster Rd & Harold St * 9 am – 2 pm


The Montavilla Farmers Market is every Sunday these days, and a great way to link in with the creators and growers in the area.

Learn more about the market and vendors here.

7700 block of SE Stark St * 10 am – 2 pm