This weekend!


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Every first Friday, it’s a toddler dance party Friday morning with Micah and Me. Beanstalk, 8021 SE Stark St. * 10 am * free 

Also for First Friday, Montavilla Breworks will be tapping a keg of Bell’s Brewery Oberon American Wheat Ale (from Michigan) at 4 pm! 7805 SE Stark St

I’m not sure what else is going on for First Friday in Montavilla… but it’s a-happening! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates, or just show up and see.


ThunderFUNK is the hottest jazz/funk hybrid mini-big band experience to ever rock this corner of the world. Duff’s Garage, 2530 NE 82nd Ave.9 pm * ???

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There are eight rides for Pedalpalooza today and 11 Sunday! Pedalpalooza is 3+ weeks of bikey fun. With ~300 different events, most organized by individuals, bikers of all persuasions are likely to find many events of interest. Nearly all events are free.


This month’s production is of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

Once Upon a Time Family Theatre is a magical mix of theatrical simplicity and grand storytelling for kids and their families. There’s always a slight twist to the traditional story that keeps these productions fresh. Though simply produced, these delightful and engaging productions will soon have everyone fully absorbed in the interaction of live theatre. Portland Metro Arts in Montavilla, 9003 SE Stark St. * 11:30 am * $2 adults, $1 children


The Montavilla Farmers Market is on every Sunday until October! There are these opportunities to sweeten the deal, as well as supporting your local farmers. 7600 block of SE Stark Street in the gravel lot across from Mr. Plywood * 10 am – 2 pm * free




Montavilla crime calls: 6/20 – 6/26

There were at least three shootings in the Montavilla area last weekend: one between the passengers of two cars near 105th & NE Glisan Saturday (6/25) morning that ended in a single car crash; a second near 80th and Glisan early Saturday morning (about 2 am); and a third near Chinese Village (83rd & Washington) early Sunday morning at about 12:30 am.

The shootings Saturday morning led to a fiery car crash that was covered by the Oregonian, but the other two incidents I learned about by neighbors dutifully reporting on Facebook groups. I assume they also called 9-1-1. Neighbors were justifiably frightened, and said police were dispatched to both incidents.

An arrest was made in the shooting near 105th & Glisan Saturday morning, but I haven’t heard any more details about the other two shootings.

As part of a neighborhood news website I’m developing, I’ve been looking into how the City shares crime information in neighborhoods. So far have found to be the only official way— but this only tracks 9-1-1 calls. And as you can see from the map below, none of two shootings in Montavilla were listed on the map, neither was the third incident further east on Glisan.

Does anybody know why these incidents weren’t listed? I can’t say I’ve had a lot of success reaching out to Portland Police in my past requests for information, and before I reached out to them I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this happen before and gotten a satisfactory answer.

Citywide media will jump in to report big incidents (like a shooting / fiery car crash), but the daily crime incidents are harder to follow. Thanks for reading, I’m open to better ways to report crime information and would love your feedback.

Here are the 9-1-1 calls reported for last week:



Screenshot 2016-06-29 at 1.30.39 PM.png

Screenshot 2016-06-29 at 1.31.46 PM

priority assault – 82nd & Broadway, 6/20 @ 1:52 pm; Washington near I-205, 6/21 @ 3:02 pm

Quality of life

suspicious subject, vehicle or circumstance – 80th south of Holliday; 82nd near Pacific; 86th & Taylor

vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling: 90th near Flanders

unwanted person: 93rd near Oak ; 82nd & Stark; PCC Campus; 92nd near Division


missing – person lost, found, runner: Halsey near 81st

undescribed incident: 82nd & Division


accident – injury: 2 in multiple incidents

accident – hit and run – priority: Stark near I-205

non-injury accident: 82nd & Glisan

Proactive policing

welfare check – cold: I-84 & Halsey; 82nd & Burnside; 82nd & Stark; 78th & Morrison

assist – citizen or agency: I-84 & 84th; 94th & Glisan

traffic stop: 94th near Holiday; 92nd & Washington; 82nd & Mill; 82nd & Harrison; 84th & Division

premise check: 81st & Ash

person contact (86): 81st & Stark

area check: 86th & Alder

Multiple incidents

82nd & I-84: 2 injury accidents




This weekend!


Johnny 7 & The Black Crabs, with The Jumptown Aces is at Duff’s Garage. A [Johnny 7] Rock n’ Roll band that blends the rules of vintage 50s rhythms and modern sounds. Front man Johnny 7 slings songs straight from the heart, or the pelvis, depending on his mood. He even plays a little guitar. Stand-up slap bass of Wes Amundsen and the crazy antics of drummer Mike Daugherty complete the picture! 2530 NE 82nd Ave. * 9 pm * $7


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Awesome logo, right?

The third annual Taste of Parkrose is happening Saturday. There will be a 5k run; food samples and treats from Parkrose restaurants and vendors; live music; a street fair with art clothing, goods, and local services; a community tent with resources, clubs, and information from neighborhood non-profits; and a carnival games with prizes and craft-making activities. Parkrose Hardware parking lot, 10625 NE Sandy Boulevard * 10 am – 4 pm * free

You might want to attend, you might want to avoid it… either way, it’s a win that the World Naked Bike Ride is coming to East Portland. Over 10,000 people rode last year, so expect delays. The ride is six miles long, and isn’t a loop. Mt. Scott Park, 5530 SE Harold St. * ride meets @ 8 pm, begins @ 9 pm * free


Chinese (Cantonese) Storytime at the library. Midland Library, * 2 pm – 2:45 pm * free


The Montavilla Farmers Market is on every Sunday until October. There are a Check out these opportunities like doubling your EBT benefits, and teaching kids to love fruits and vegetables. 7600 block of SE Stark Street in the gravel lot across from Mr. Plywood * 10 am – 2 pm * free


Montavilla crime calls: 6/13 – 6/19


Screenshot 2016-06-21 at 12.05.45 AM

Screenshot 2016-06-21 at 12.07.01 AMpriority theft: 81st & Burnside, 6/16 @ 11:27 pm; 82nd & Division, 6/13 @ 12:21 pm

Quality of Life

shots fired: 82nd & Holladay

suspicious subject, vehicle or circumstance: 69th & Halsey; 82nd & Hassalo; 80th near Oregon; 79th & Oregon; Glisan near 76th; 83rd & Stark; Ash near 92nd (1 more in multiple incidents)

unwanted person: 82nd & Multnomah; 82nd & Pacific; 76th near Glisan; Burnside near 81st; 82nd & Ash; 79th & Stark; 78th & Alder (5 more in multiple incidents)

vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling: 76th near Glisan (1 more in multiple incidents)


warrant: 77th near Ash

flagdown: 81st & Stark; 88th & Alder


All listed are hazard – hazardous conditions (1 more in multiple incidents)

Proactive Policing

traffic stop: 80th & Halsey; 68th & Pacific; 75th & Glisan; 92nd & Glisan; 80th & Stark; 82nd & Stark (3 more in multiple incidents)

welfare check – priority: 79th & Clackamas; 82nd & Multnomah; 82nd & Glisan; 92nd & Stark; 82nd & Market; I-205 & Division

welfare check – cold: 82nd & Halsey

community policing: 82nd & Oregon

premise check: 71st & Glisan

area check: 82nd & Davis; 87th & Taylor (1 more in multiple incidents)

assist – citizen or agency: 82nd & Davis; I-205 & Market

Person contact (86): 93rd near Division (2 more in multiple incidents)

animal problem – 1 in multiple incidents


accident – non-injury: 78th near Glisan; 86th & Glisan; 95th & Stark (1 more in multiple incidents)

accident – injury: 80th & Burnside; 92nd & Marker

accident – hit & run – priority: near Berrydale Park

Multiple incidents

I-84 & 82nd: accident – non-injury; hazardous condition

81st & Halsey: 2 unwanted person; suspicious – priority

Montavilla Park: unwanted person; person contact (86)

78th & Glisan: 2 unwanted person

82nd & Burnside: traffic stop; person contact (86)

76th & Morrison: area check; vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling

82nd & Mill: traffic stop; animal problem

82nd & Division: medical assist; traffic stop

Montavilla crime calls: 6/6 – 6/12

Screenshot 2016-06-14 at 12.21.25 PM.png

Screenshot 2016-06-14 at 12.24.23 PM


Robbery with weapon: I-205 near Stark, 6/7 @ 7:25 pm

Priority theft: 82nd & Hassalo, 6/10 @ 5:56:19 pm


Missing – person endangered: 67th near I-84

Missing – person, lost, found, runner: 78th near Glisan

Warrant: 82nd & Glisan

Flagdown: 82nd & Burnside; 92nd near Pine

Animal problem: 82nd near Mill

Quality of life

Suspicious with weapon: 81st near Ash

Suspicious subject, vehicle or circumstance: Halsey & 69th; Halsey & 70th; 69th near Burnside; 83rd & Pine; 88th & Washington; 76th & Taylor; 93rd & Market; 86th & Mill; 92nd near Division (2 more in multiple incidents)

Priority suspicious: Hassalo near 90th; 82nd & Glisan

Unwanted person: Broadway & 71st; 76th near I-84; 77th near I-84; 68th near Glisan (3 more in multiple incidents)

Priority threat: Hassalo near I-84

Hazardous condition: 3 in multiple incidents

Assist – citizen or agency – 1 in multiple incidents


Priority vandalism: 82nd & I-84; 82nd near Madison

Proactive policing

Welfare check – cold: I-84 near 67th; I-84 near 92nd; 75th near Alder

Traffic stop: Halsey near I-84; 75th & Glisan; 82nd north of Glisan; 67th near Burnside; 82nd & Ash; 82nd near Alder; 82nd & Taylor; 82nd & Yamhill  (8 more in multiple incidents)

Area check: 75th & Hassalo; 78th near Burnside (1 more in multiple incidents)

Welfare check – priority: 81st near Clackamas

Community policing: 71st & Glisan

Person contact (86): 81st near Glisan; 84th & Hawthorne (2 more in multiple incidents)

Premise check: 88th near Ash


Accident – injury: I-205 near Lincoln

Accident – non-injury: I-84 near 86th; 80th & Burnside; 92nd & Washington

Accident – unknown injury: 75th near Burnside; Market & I-205

Accident – hit & run – priority: 84th & Stark

Multiple incidents

I-84 near 84th: accident – unknown injury; accident – non-injury

Montavilla Park: undescribed incident; ssvoc

90th & Glisan: traffic stop; hazardous conditions

I-205 & Everett: 2 hazardous condition; assist – citizen or agency

Ash & 76th: unwanted person; person contact (86)

Ash & 80th: unwanted person; premise check

Ash & 81st: unwanted person; premise check

82nd & Stark: 2 traffic stop

82nd & Clay: 2 traffic stop

82nd & Division: traffic stop; person contact (86); area check

84th & Division: 2 traffic stop; 2 ssvoc


This weekend!


I’m still exploring my neighborhood and East Portland in general. I want to focus on Montavilla, but I’m expanding my event listings to all of East Portland. Not sure what the official line between Portland and East Portland is, but I usually consider it to be Mt. Tabor. It’s worth a discussion. Regardless— the interests of this part of town have been neglected, and righting that wrong is a cause I’ll be championing as this site develops. So let’s celebrate all the wonderful things happening out this way!

It’s the Portland Pickles home opener in Lents Park! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the first season of Portland’s wooden bat league team gets going. This seems like something for East Portland to be proud of. The schedule’s here;  get tickets here.

If there’s not a guy in a giant foam pickle costume, I’m going to be very disappointed. (EDIT: Yes!! There is and his name is Dillon!)

Walker Stadium, NE corner of Lents Park, 92nd & Holgate * 7:05 pm & 5:05 pm * $6 – $12


Powell Butte Nature ParkJoin The Nature Conservancy in restoring Powell Butte Nature Park… Powell Butte, an extinct cinder cone volcano, rises near the headwaters of Johnson Creek – an urban creek with remnant populations of native salmon and steelhead. Possible projects include trail work, ivy and other invasive species removal, fence work and mulching or watering native plants. After the three hour work party, volunteers are invited to stick around for a BYO sack lunch and informal hike.

Powell Butte, SE 162nd Ave. and Powell Blvd. * 9 am – noon * free


I’ll say again: Duff’s Garage is an amazing resource for East Portland and Portland’s blues community. There are two shows on Saturday: Rocky Butte Wranglers (6 pm – 8 pm) and Gary Bennet / Leslie Beia & The Lowburners (8:30 – ???)

2530 NE 82nd Ave. * ??? (usually $10)


I’m gonna pump the Montavilla Farmers Market every Sunday until October! There are a few unique draws beyond supporting your region’s food producers, like doubling your EBT benefits, and teaching kids to love fruits and vegetables.

7600 block of SE Stark Street in the gravel lot across from Mr. Plywood * 10 am – 2 pm * free


The first time I’d ever heard of the Portland International Raceway was recently when neighbors complained about the noise. I’m not really into motorcycles, but I think this could be a fun afternoon.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 at 10.55.36 AMIt doesn’t get much more exciting that this. Big classes of fast motorcycles, a standing start and then knee-dragging through the corners and screaming speed in the straights — oh, and the chicane! The Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Assoc. is the host for two days of great racing. For more information go to 

The event listing says the sound limit is 103 decibels, so try to stay quiet, will ya?

1940 N Victory Blvd * 9 am – 5 pm * $10 

Montavilla crime calls: 5/30 – 6/5

Screenshot 2016-06-06 at 9.14.50 PM

Screenshot 2016-06-06 at 9.15.59 PM

Three injury accidents were reported this week and also three DUIs.

Another thing that was concerning: my 9-1-1 call wasn’t listed on the map. It wasn’t a huge incident, but there was a motorcycle rider speeding up and down 82nd. After the second time, it seemed like it was worth a call. It wasn’t on the map. I wonder what else we’re missing…

Priority assault: 82nd & Halsey, 6/2 @ 10:39 pm; 80th & Taylor, 5/31 @ 7:43 pm; Burnside near 82nd,  6/3 @ 8:24 pm; 93rd near Stark, 5/31 @ 5:48 pm (1 more in multiple incidents)

Priority theft: 82nd near Yamhill, 31 May 2016 @ 3:55:40 pm

Quality of Life:

Priority threat with weapon: 78th near Glisan; 5/31 @ 8:46 am

There was also a robbery with a weapon at SE Main & 100th 6/3 @ 7:45 pm.

Suspicious subject, vehicle, or circumstance: I-84 & 76th; 70th near Glisan ; 83rd near Glisan; 85th near Glisan (2); 78th near Ash; 76th near Stark ; 82nd near Market; 87th near Mill (1 more in multiple incidents)

Suspicious (person) with weapon: 88th near Glisan

Unwanted person: 82nd near Halsey; 83rd near Hassalo; 83rd near Pacific; 79th & Stark; 92nd & Stark; 93rd near Pine (2)

Vice – drugs, liquor, prostitution or gambling: 81st near Halsey; 79th near Halsey ; 80th & Ash

Priority threat: I-84th near 90th


Warrant: 79th near Davis

Animal problem: 78th near Stark; I-205 near Main

Missing person: 78th & Salmon

Proactive policing: 

Follow up: Clackamas near 66th

Traffic stop: I-84 near 92nd; 82nd near Multmonah; 82nd & Oregon; near Montavilla Park; 92nd & Glisan; 85th & Burnside; 81st & Pine; 93rd & Stark; 82nd & Washington; 82nd & Alder; 82nd & Yamhill; 92nd & Hawthorne (24 more in multiple incidents)

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